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AM Auto Parts for Every Vehicle and Need

The aftermarket auto parts industry is a booming business that does nearly $250 million in sales each and every year, all of which is driven by people’s love of speed, performance, and classic vehicles. Aftermarket auto parts, commonly called AM auto parts, are in constant demand by car enthusiasts who want to improve the performance of their vehicles or customize them to suit their needs. The process of adding AM auto parts usually requires the replacement of stock parts that originally came with a vehicle.

AM auto parts are typically comprised of performance parts that are not produced from the original car manufacturer. Therefore, AM auto parts are different than their OEM counterparts. In fact, many AM auto parts are manufactured by aftermarket parts companies that specialize in manufacturing specific parts. For instance, one aftermarket parts company may specialize in making performance exhaust systems, while another company may focus on air intake kits. Additionally, there are also aftermarket auto parts companies that focus solely on design, instead of performance, like companies that produce graphic kits.

In most cases, putting AM parts on a car or truck may cause the dealer to void the warranty, if there is one on the vehicle. Before installing AM auto parts, owners should check their vehicle’s manufacturer warranty to ensure that installing the parts will not affect their warranty. Also, many AM parts are designed specifically for certain makes, models, and model years. Therefore, before placing a part on order, a car owner should make sure that the AM part matches the make, model, and year of their vehicle.

When selecting an AM auto part, a car owner also needs to ensure that the addition of the part will not violate any state laws. Most aftermarket parts can be legally sold, but some parts may violate state and local laws when they are installed on a vehicle. For example, the level of window tint a person can have on their car, the emissions requirements, and type of headlight color they can install varies from state to state. Due to the likelihood of receiving a ticket or the possible legal ramifications of installing such AM parts, car owners should check into their state laws as well.

Some AM auto parts are easy to install and can be done by a car owner in their own garage. However, others require the services of a professionally trained mechanic. It is also wise for car owners to consult with a professional mechanic before spending their money on AM auto parts, because they can potentially spend thousands of dollars on AM auto parts that are not compatible with their vehicle model or the model year.

AM auto parts can be used to replace stock parts that have quit working due to age, performance parts for increased speed or off-roading ability, body kits for appearance, or gasoline to electric conversion parts. Although am auto parts are installed for all of these reasons, AM auto parts are most commonly bought and installed to increase speed and engine performance.

AM parts are available for every vehicle part or function a person could imagine, but the following types of am auto parts are by far the most common:

• Turbo Kits – Turbochargers are perhaps the most commonly purchased performance AM auto parts. Turbochargers provide a noticeable boost in speed and horsepower for a nominal price.

• Wheels – Most people do not think of wheels when they consider AM parts, but wheels are one of the most popular AM auto parts in the industry. The wheel industry is a multi-million dollar industry and makes up a significant portion of the AM auto parts market.

• Suspension Kits – While not as common as aftermarket wheels, suspension kits are also extremely popular AM parts. Suspension kits are used by a wide variety of people for vastly different vehicles. Sport car fans often lower their vehicles and add stiffer racing suspension for increased performance. Even more popular are suspension lift kits for trucks. In fact, nearly 40 percent of truck owners buy lift kits for their trucks for increased off-road performance or looks alone. Regardless of the reason, suspension kits are a major player in the AM auto parts industry.

Many people are not aware of the immense size of the AM auto parts industry. Comprising everything from wheels to turbochargers, AM auto parts can be seen, or in some cases heard, every time someone gets behind the wheel. Before investing in AM auto parts for their vehicle, car owners should consult a professional in order to make sure they get the right part to fit their vehicle and suit their needs.

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